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Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks are most useful to lift cars, trucks, buses and multipurpose applications in automobile servicing garages or workshops. Available in various capacities (1 Ton – 100 Ton & above) and lifting heights (100 mm – 3 meters & more). VANJAX manufactures various kinds of hydraulic jacks – Bottle Type, Remote Control, Trolley Jack etc. and its accompanying accessories.

Bottle Jacks

Bottle Jack

2 to100 Ton

Manual Hand Pumps

Manual Pumps,Single Plunger, Double Plunger

Single Plunger and Double Plunger

Power Packs

Power Pack

One Way and Two Way

Remote Control Jacks

Remote Control Jacks

10 to 200 Ton

Remote Control Jacks  - Light Weight Cylinders

Light Weight Remote Control Jacks

10 to 100 Ton

Low Lift Jacks

Low Lift Jacks

10 to 100 Ton

Trolley Jack & Air Hydraulic Jack

Trolley Jack and Air Hydraulic Jack.png

2 to 20 Ton (Trolley Jack)

22 Ton (Air Hydraulic Jack)


Hydraulic Hose, Shut off Valve, Quick Coupler, Pressure Gauge

Hydraulic Hose, Shut Off Valve,
Quick Coupler, Pressure Gauge

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